“Nothing to Lose”, a Reba McEntire song, fits the basketball story for Tyrus McGee, too.


The town of Stringtown, Okla., has 410 residents (per a 2010 census). That’s an increase of 14 people from the survey taken 10 years earlier.

The town has a post office, but there is no public record for the number of basketball hoops in the community. There has to be at least one. How else can you explain the development of Tyrus McGee, who was raised in Stringtown?

The most famous native of Stringtown is country music superstar Reba McEntire. Nicknamed the “Queen of Country”, McEntire has sold more than 72 million records world-wide. She has many hit singles to her credit, but the one titled “Nothing to Lose” could be the theme song for McGee.

McGee came to Iowa State via junior college without any promises. He plays without a care in the world. Every time McGee steps on the court he performs with fearlessness, high energy, enthusiasm and a big smile.

At a recent news conference Hoiberg said that McGee’s shooting success is related to his care free attitude.

“When you just play and react, that when shooters are at their best,” Hoiberg said. “That’s why Tyrus is so good. He doesn’t think about it.”

McGee has a few games left in his college career to keep adding to his amazing rise from humble beginnings, just like McEntire.

When he’s done, someone might have to alter the Wikipedia entry for Stringtown, Okla. and add Tyrus McGee to the section for notable natives right alongside Reba McEntire.

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