Raised on the slopes, Fernandez now prospers on fairways



Grenada, Spain, is a seaside city that rests at the foot of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. It is also home to the college golf’s fifth-ranked player.

Scott Fernandez, who now lives in Ames, Iowa, is a sophomore sensation on the Iowa State men’s golf team. The Spaniard is on a streak unprecedented in Cyclone history. Six of his last nine rounds have been in the 60s.

His individual finishes this season include 2nd (Northern Intercollegiate), 2nd (VCU), 3rd (Bridgestone), 3rd (UTSA), 22nd (Desert Intercollegiate), 1st (Furman), 2nd (ASU Thunderbird) and 5th (Hawkeye Invitational). At the ASU meet, he beat the NCAA’s then-No. 1 golfer (Michael Kim, Cal) by nine strokes.

Fernandez’ dad is a ski instructor. His sister is a member of Spain’s national ski team.

Scott, himself, was an accomplished skier before breaking both of his legs in that sport.

Now, he’s fully committed to golf.

 When you witness the greatness of young athletes like Fernandez, it’s easy to wonder how they crafted their skills. When you watch Fernandez stroke a putt or uncork a drive, you don’t think about ski lifts.

 But, that’s kind of where it started for Fernandez. Where it finishes, no one knows. But, I’m sure going to enjoy his journey as it unfolds.



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