Every Big 12 football player will visit every league venue in their careers. Some leagues can’t make the same claim.


Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby was amused about the lack of conference re-alignment questions tossed his way at the league’s football media day recently.

 “We’re intentionally at 10 members,” Bowlsy said. “We think there are advantages of 10.”

 Admitting that membership is a fluid landscape, Bowlsby reiterated that his league has purposely chosen the 10-team membership model.

 One of the side benefits of a smaller league is games against each other member every season.

 Alabama Coach Nick Saban recently suggested that every SEC player should have the chance to play every league school at least once in their careers.

 I’ll take it a step further. All players should get to visit each conference school’s venue at least once, too.

 Four-year players in the Big 12 will play on every league school’s campus twice in their careers.

 You can’t test Saban’s idea in his league yet, since the SEC hasn’t finalized its future football schedules.

 But, the Big Ten has. Applying Saban’s idea to Iowa’s future schedules, for example, is somewhat thought-provoking.

 A Hawkeye freshman this fall, who redshirts and doesn’t travel, will not play in either Michigan Stadium or Ohio Stadium during their careers.

 According to a Bleacher Report article called “Most Hallowed Grounds”, the top two college football venues were at Michigan and Ohio State.

 It seems wrong that a group of players within their own conference won’t play at either site.

 Meanwhile, Cyclone players will get two chances to play in every Big 12 facility (and that includes Oklahoma and Texas, which both made Bleacher Report’s list).

 I like Saban’s idea and the fact that the Big 12 delivers on that concept.


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