That was then and this is now. What a transformation!


That was then.

 “There is change coming and people have to step up to make that change,” Iowa State Director of Athletics Jamie Pollard told the Des Moines Register in the spring of 2006. “The next step is getting everyone involved.”

 This is now.

 “We are completely sold out of our season ticket inventory,” Pollard said Monday when announcing the sale of 43,000 season football tickets.

 Pollard’s first comment (above) was made seven years ago as an attempt to urge fans to purchase season football tickets. Pollard also told reporter Randy Peterson that afternoon that ticket sales could rise to 28,000 and he was hopeful to get to 30k by the beginning of that season.

 In light of those remarks, the reality of this week’s news that Iowa State sold out its season ticket inventory is hard to believe.

 As fans, we tend to measure success in wins and losses only. But, the real measure of a brand is the loyal support it develops over time.

 When Pollard was named A.D. eight years ago, a lot of people told him they wanted to build a top-level program. Dreams without commitment, however, are simply wish lists.

 “We can’t do it alone,” Pollard told Eric Petersen of the Ames Tribune in ‘06. “If you want it, you have to come to the table.”

 And, Cyclone fans have certainly done exactly that.


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