Can the “Pistol” offense ignite Iowa State’s power running game?


One of the storylines for Iowa State’s football team in 2013 will be the utilization of the “Pistol” offense.

 Iowa State’s offensive line coach, Chris Klenakis, was on the staff at Nevada while they developed, tinkered with and excelled using the “Pistol”.

 There is a DVD on the market called “The Pistol Offense: Power Running Game.” The featured presenter is Klenakis.

 Successful “Pistol” teams dominate in the run game. Interestingly, the quarterback has a fundamental role in that run-game excellence.

 Super Bowl quarterback Colin Kapernick was ringleader for Nevada’s “Pistol” offense for four seasons (the first three with Klenakis on staff). Kapernick had three seasons of more than 1,000 yards rushing and averaged 6.9 yards per carry.

 In the 2009 season with Klenakis as the offensive coordinator, Nevada averaged more yards per rushing attempt (7.4) than passing attempt (7.2).

 The Cyclones averaged 150 yards on the ground last season (4.2 per carry) and Coach Paul Rhoads wants more.

 He has an abundance of backs on his roster to carry the ball. It is the deepest position on the team.

 Rhoads also has a QB with a knack for tucking the ball and running for big gains when necessary. Sam Richardson already has a 100-yard rushing game on his college resume.

 We won’t know if Iowa State’s “Pistol” offense is hitting on all cylinders for a couple of weeks, but there appear to be some of the pieces in place to run it successfully.