Cyclones count upon their “union” to set the pace up front.


For 24-plus years, Chris Klenakis has (sort of) been the head of a union.

 And, the Cyclones’ first-year offensive line coach even uses the term “union” to describe his offensive line position group.

 “We’re the brotherhood that does the blue collar work and has each other’s back,” Klenakis said in the latter stages of fall camp. “Without our efforts, the company doesn’t run.”

 When Klenakis says “… the company doesn’t run”, he truly means run… as in run the football.

 To run the ball, Klenakis has been pushing physical play in the trenches.

 “They’ve bought into the physicality aspect and we practice that way,” Klenakis said of his blockers. “(We need) to play hard, finish blocks and play with an edge.”

 Klenakis also thinks his “union” must be adaptable.

 “There are lots of ways to do things,” Klenakis said. “The good thing is when you can get to a common place and do what’s best for the team. I’ve always believed in that.”

 Those are the words of a union head dedicated to the good of his whole organization.



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