ISU linemen are now quick/strong versus left/right and it’s all match-up driven.


It’s not that Iowa State assistant coach Chris Klenakis is looking for ambidextrous offensive linemen necessarily.

 But, you can expect to see the same players appear on both the left and right side of formations from play-to-play.

 Klenakis will be trying to match his personnel with what he seeks from each specific position.

 When Iowa State’s depth chart was released Monday, the offensive line read QT, QG, C, SG and ST. That replaced the more traditional code of LT, LG, C, RG and RT.

 For the novice fan, the Cyclones now label their linemen as quick/strong rather than left/right.

 “We’ve been a traditional left and right side guard/tackle combination,” Coach Paul Rhoads explained to the news media Monday. “What the left/right side gives you is a comfortable stance and always lining up with the same hand down and same foot back.”

 Klenakis has used the quick/strong designation for years.

 “Now, you work more of the same techniques as opposed to being on the same (side),” Rhoads said. “The physical traits of the personnel playing those positions (quick/strong) match up better.”

 In a game that revolves around match-ups and taking advantage of mismatches, the flexibility of Klenakis’ approach and not locking blockers into the same spot is another area to exploit.


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