Almost time for Cyclones to see if bye week was put to good use


Many experts have labeled Iowa as the favorite to win Saturday’s Iowa Corn Cy-Hawk Series match-up at Jack Trice Stadium.

 Cyclone Coach Paul Rhoads understands why.

 “Our lackluster performance in week 1,” Rhoads said.

 Additionally, he said there is a big unknown as to how his young football team will come back after a bye week.

 “I think there’s excellent reasoning why that (Iowa being the favorite)” is the case,” Rhoads said.

 Coaches like to keep playing when they have a hot hand. Rhoads said if his team had won the opener, he would have favored getting right back on the field.

 “The fact that we lost and needed more improvement than a normal Sunday,” Rhoads said, contributed to his appreciation of a second week bye. “We could focus on a lot of fundamentals of the game and not just our opponent, (which) was very beneficial.”

 Although improvement has been the focus for the program the last 10 days or so, Rhoads is anxious for the game. He loves the electricity surrounding the in-state match-up.

 “Trophies go along with victory and victory is not overrated,” Rhoads admitted. “(But), I could play for a lollipop and be extremely excited about it.”

 That sounds like a guy who is tired of drilling fundamentals and wants to measure his team again. And, he’ll get that chance on Saturday at 5 p.m.


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