Twenty-two linemen in the Big 12 have more career starts than Iowa State’s quintet.


On the final play of the Iowa game, the Cyclones’ offensive line included Brock Dagel, Oni Omoile, Ben Loth, Daniel Burton and Jacob Gannon.

 College career starts for the quintet: 9.

 There are 22 offensive linemen in the Big 12 with more starts than that as individuals.

 All five K-State linemen have more starts than the Cyclones’ group. It’s the same at Texas. Four blockers at Oklahoma can make that claim, too.

 It’s a reality that experience on the o-line is a big factor.

 “We’ve got to get some continuity (with guys) playing 4-5-6 series in a row together,” coordinator Courtney Messingham said Wednesday. “Then, putting games together with continuity up front.”

 When asked early this week what he wanted from his team, Paul Rhoads said “get older, faster.”

 Translated, he explained that meant getting experience. And, Rhoads wants those repetitions to come under the bright lights.

 “Game reps are different,” Rhoads said. “As you gain more game reps, you improve as a football player and as a football team. We’ve got to play our way into being better to be quite candid.”

 The Cyclones have a lack of experience in several spots, but it is most apparent on the offensive line.

 Rhoads expects to see continued improvement.

 “I was pleased with what happened in the two weeks leading into this (Iowa) game,” he said. “Now, we’ve got to add to that.”

 Tulsa, next week, is when the bright lights get turned on again.


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