Quite a few new faces will be on the field for third Cyclone-Hurricane encounter.


Iowa State and Tulsa will be playing a football game against one another for the third time in 391 days.

 Since Tulsa won the most-recent game, ISU Coach Paul Rhoads was asked how the bowl game result might affect preparations.

 “It’s not like I’m pounding (or blowing) the whistle at the end of every practice to say ‘we owe these guys,’” Rhoads said. “I’m sure their players took care of that (mindset) in preparation for the bowl game and I would expect the same is true of our guys… as we get ready to play them a third time.”

 When the schools had their re-match in the AutoZone Liberty Bowl last December, Iowa State had 17 (of 22) of the same starters it used in the opener. The Golden Hurricane had 15 repeat starters.

 Only 9 Cyclones and 7 Tulsa players will line up as starters again Thursday after starting in the bowl game. Just one Hurricane defender in this week’s lineup also started the bowl game.

 All of that chatter, however, takes a back seat to the fact that both teams need a win.

 “We’re certainly in need of a win and Tulsa is as well,” Rhoads said. “That’s the great thing about sports and competition. Both (groups) working for the same prize.”

 Working for the same prize is a routine these foes are familiar with. But, when they meet again in two days they’ll do so with a number of new faces in the lineup.

 And, a new script will be written.


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