No complaining in the Big 12. Just play ’em all.


Iowa State, Baylor and Kansas will began their Big 12 football campaigns this week.

Section of the Big 12 Conference by-laws specifies that “The mission of the Conference is to organize, promote and administer intercollegiate athletics among its member institutions.”

That’s the core goal.

In layperson language, it means the league wants to determine a champion in each of its sports on an annual basis. What’s likely understood, but not stated, is that the league wants to do that on a fair and equitable basis.

Playing everybody is the best way to do that.

The Big 12 Conference’s round-robin scheduling format means that no school avoids the best teams in any given year because of scheduling imbalances.

“That’s pretty doggone fair,” South Carolina Coach Steve Spurrier said about the Big 12’s round-robin scheduling this summer.

Alabama is the nation’s top-ranked school playing in the nation’s toughest conference. However, the Tide won’t play any of the three ranked schools – Florida (18th), Georgia (6th) or South Carolina (13th) from the SEC’s east division. Georgia, meanwhile, won’t face ranked western division squads Alabama (1st), LSU (10th) or Texas A&M (9th) in conference play.

In the Pac-12, four schools in the north are undefeated in conference play. In the south division, only one school has a league win. There will be inequities there for sure.

Play everybody and tally up the results. Throw in a few tiebreakers in case they’re needed with head-to-head matchup being the key one.

The Big 12 formula is pretty clean. It is a grueling nine-game stretch, but a true champion will be determined.



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