Fennelly is creating a new recipe for the coming season and it revolves around Christofferson.


Coach Bill Fennelly is whipping up a new recipe for the coming season.

  “The neat thing about college sports is that things change,” Fennelly said. “Last year, we had some length and size. This year, we don’t have length and size.”

 The Cyclones finished second in the Big 12 a year ago with a team that included five players standing 6-foot-1 or taller. That team really had just one ballhandler (Nikki Moody, who led the conference in assists).

 Bill Fennelly’s 19th year on the Cyclone bench will be an “interesting challenge” in his words because the make-up of the roster is shorter but quicker.

 Moody will again lead the backcourt, but she’ll have ball-handling help.

 “We’ll be a four-guard team (in 2013-14),” Fennelly said. “Hopefully, we can beat people off the bounce a little better and create more with our defense.”

 He knows this year’s team likely won’t rebound as well, so he is counting on other ways – such as limiting turnovers and exerting more defensive pressure – to make up the difference.

 With the exhibition opener just 30 days away, Fennelly won’t have to spend much time trying to determine the primary ingredient in this year’s recipe.

 “This team will be built around #5,” Fennelly said of Hallie Christofferson, a preseason All-Big 12 selection. “He career numbers are going to be staggering.”

 Primarily a small forward a year ago, Christofferson is the only six-footer (she’s 6-3) with much experience. Christofferson will be the first offensive option every time down the court.

 The ingredients may be a little bit different this season, but Fennelly’s track record gives you good confidence it will be a delicious season.