Texas rewind: pride shines through on a tough evening


Iowa State outplayed Texas in most facets of the game last night. The Cyclones deserved a better result.

 Coach Paul Rhoads was proud of his team’s efforts. If you don’t believe me, watch the post-game video.

 This Cyclone program reels you in emotionally. That’s why attendance records have been set annually for several years. Rhoads has built a program that plays with gusto and plays to the best of their abilities. Their effort Thursday night on national TV should have secured a victory.

 Good things happened on both sides of the ball. The one-two punch of Aaron Wimberly and Sam Richardson distinguished themselves again. Texas’ veteran offensive line and five-star tailback rotation gained only 119 yards rushing, so congratulations should also be showered on an ever-improving defense.


 The Big 12 keeps team statistics in 32 different categories. The Cyclones came into the game leading the league in a couple of them (fewest penalties and 4th-down conversions).

 After getting whistled for 118 yards in infractions Thursday, they’ll likely fall from the top rung of the ladder in that category. It was the first time in 54 games coached by Rhoads that his team surpassed 100 yards in penalties.

 After 50-some minutes of spirited play, the game came down to a man-on-man goal line stand at the north end of the field. Yes, the same end zone that Jeff Woody dived into to upset the nation’s second-ranked team two years ago. ESPN was there to cover that midweek game, too.

 The result was different for the home crowd this time.

 Like its coach, however, Cyclone Nation will be just as proud of the team’s effort on the goal line last evening as they were on a Friday night in 2011.