Cyclones taking aim from behind the service line and excelling at it.


Iowa State leads the Big 12 in service aces per game. For a volleyball program the stature of the Cyclones, that probably doesn’t sound surprising.

During the eight-year tenure of Coach Christy Johnson-Lynch at ISU, the Cyclones best-ever league finish for service aces is fourth.

Sophomore Tory Knuth currently leads the Big 12 in service aces as an individual.

“(That stat) from a middle blocker is something I don’t know if I’ve ever seen,” Johnson-Lynch said. “She’s got an unorthodox serve that drops and it’s hard to pass.”

The better serving, not surprisingly, goes back to the commitment made to improving the skill during practice.

“We identified serving as something we can do really well, (and decided) let’s be exceptional at it,” Johnson-Lynch said. “We have spent a lot more time serving than in year’s past. We’ve also paid attention to service errors in practice and made players accountable for it.”

Johnson-Lynch has hinted all season her current club may not be as consistent of a defensive team as prior ones. But, she also keeps touting its strength from the service line.

“We don’t have a poor server on our team,” Johnson-Lynch said matter-of-factly. “That’s the thing we do the very best.”