Excellent turnover margin keeps putting ISU in position for wins


Paul Rhoads thinks good things are ahead for his Cyclones. His belief is based upon the effort his team displays during preparation in concert with some of their current stats.

 “You don’t play as good on special teams as we’re playing and you don’t have the turnover margin we have and score as many points as we have as an offensive football team…” Rhoads said, “and not have good things fall your way.”

 Memphis, North Carolina, Cal, Kentucky, Purdue and Iowa State are the big conference schools with one win.

 But, the Cyclones are a markedly different club than the others. ISU is the highest scoring team of the group (28.8 per game) and has a 1-point scoring differential with its opponents.

 The Boilermakers (-22.5 scoring differential), Cal (-18.9), SMU (-16.0), Kentucky (-9.0), North Carolina (-7.8) and Memphis (-1.8) have much greater average point differentials.

 The Cyclones have been close in every game and the main reason is their turnover margin.

 ISU is 13th nationally in turnover margin (+1.2). The 12 schools ahead of the Cyclones have a combined 60-11 record. Five of the other six one-win teams have turnover margins ranked 100th nationally or higher.

 Rhoads thinks that clean play, continued good work habits and a touch of good fortune will pay off.

 “As long as our kids keep fighting and giving the effort they are and allowing improvement to take place, we’ll be in ballgames. Sooner or later, we’ll come out on top,” Rhoads said.

“Catching a bouncing ball break here and there (wouldn’t hurt either).”