Slowing Baylor ground game is the best approach for ISU defenders.


The top six rushing offense averages in college football belong to Army, New Mexico, Oregon, Baylor, Wisconsin and Georgia Tech.

 If you engage a search engine to learn about the offensive styles of those schools, the term “option” pops up in nearly all of them (exception: UW).

 “Read” option, “speed” option, “triple” option, “spread” option. Any old kind of option, apparently, leads to a prolific ground game.

 Certainly, the Black Knights, Lobos, Badgers and Yellow Jackets are ground-based attacks. The Bears and Ducks – especially the Bears – are also known for explosive passing games.

 BU is No. 1 nationally in passing yards per game and team pass efficiency. The Cyclones need to slow the Baylor passing game, right?

 “(A year ago against Baylor), we defended the run very well and every game starts with defending the run,” said Coach Paul Rhoads. “We didn’t do that (last week) at Texas Tech, a team that got more than double what they had been averaging on the ground.”

 Rhoads explained that slowing Baylor’s ground game in 2012 allowed his team to play one of their better defensive games of the season. However, in 2011, Baylor ran for 391 yards against the Cyclones in a 49-26 win in Waco.

 It’s nearly impossible to shut down Baylor’s run or pass game, but here’ a guess that Rhoads and his team are going to put their best foot forward in knocking the Bears’ run game off balance.



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