Self-scout in progress for Cyclones as ranked Cowboys await


The stop-and-go nature of football leads to over analysis of every snap. As observers, we seem to play the “what if” game ad nauseam in football because there is time to reflect between plays.

 Saturday night’s loss at Baylor didn’t lend itself to that type of scrutiny. Coach Paul Rhoads said his team got whipped.

 “You don’t lose a game like that with players,” Rhoads said afterwards. “You lose a game like this as a complete organization. It starts with examining your plan, why you went with it, why it was ineffective and why things didn’t get accomplished.”

 Rhoads, as team leader, has faced wildly different mental preparations for his team throughout the 2013 campaign. The X’s and O’s is one thing in game planning, but he’s dealt with emotional extremes based upon weekly results, too.

 After Texas, it was rallying his troops after a questionable loss. After Baylor, it will be creating a plan and building a belief in that plan after a blowout.

 “That’s what a team does and that’s what we’ll set out to do,” Rhoads said. “I can’t sulk and I can’t pout. I’ve got to find a way to do my job better.”

 There’s a lot on Rhoads’ plate this week and another ranked team will be visiting Ames Saturday.