With a bunched up Big 12 race, one win would change Cyclone fortunes dramatically


If Iowa State upsets Oklahoma State (and Kansas State wins at home over West Virginia) Saturday, the Cyclones will be one game out of the upper division of the Big 12 standings.

 Let that sink in.

 Five schools – TCU, West Virginia, Kansas, Kansas State and Iowa State – have 3 league losses each. Five schools – Texas Tech, Oklahoma, Baylor, Oklahoma State and Texas – have 1 or fewer losses.

 Should the Cyclones pull an upset this week (and K-State holds serve at home), ISU would improve its conference record to 1-3. A Cowboy loss to Iowa State would level their mark at 2-2.

 There would be a one-game separation between upper (the fifth-place Cowboys) and lower (several schools, including ISU, tied for sixth) levels in the Big 12.

 It’s also worth taking a look at remaining schedules in the Big 12.

 Baylor, Oklahoma State and Texas Tech have four games left against schools currently in the first-division schools. Oklahoma and Texas have three such games left.

 West Virginia has just one game remaining against an upper-division team. Iowa State, Kansas State and TCU have two each and Kansas faces three teams presently in the top half of the league standings.

 The Big 12 schedule is nearing its halfway point, but there is a real opportunity to climb quickly in the league’s standings with a couple of wins.

 Obviously, there is still much to play for.