Johnson-Lynch remains focused on team strengths while dedicating time to improvement, too.


Listening to Christy Johnson-Lynch speak Monday got me thinking about Houston Rocket center Dwight Howard.

 Why, you ask? Howard can’t shoot free throws.

 He probably practices them. Howard’s strength is his inside power game. He likely practices those moves, too.

 Johnson-Lynch’s ISU volleyball team has been an elite serving team all year. The Cyclones lead the Big 12 in service aces. Her team’s defense is also elite. Statistics back up that assertion, too.

 “Our digs per match are incredible,” Johnson-Lynch said of the Cyclones, who rank second in conference in that category.

 The dilemma for Johnson-Lynch is to divide up practice time between what her team does well and what it needs to improve on.

 Coaches like to shore up weaknesses and Johnson-Lynch is no different. But, she doesn’t want to shortchange her team’s natural assets either

 “Let’s continue to work on what we do really well because we can become elite and we don’t want to let go of that,” she said. “Training is that balance between addressing your weaknesses, yet continuing to work on keeping your strengths sharp.”

 It can be pretty easy to take personal abilities for granted and not keep them refined.

 Somewhere, Howard is probably in a gym shooting free throws. Houston fans should hope he is spending time keeping his power game polished, too.