Good, great and significant & memorable


There are wins and there are good wins.

 There are road wins and there are great road wins.

 There are roads wins in tough venues and there are significant and memorable road wins in tough venues.

 The Cyclones’ 90-88 thriller in the Marriott Center at BYU was the latter. Since Dave Rose became the Cougars’ coach in 2005-06, BYU has lost only 12 games in 8-plus seasons in that building. The BYU winning percentage at home is 91% during that timeframe.

 Duke has lost 10 games in Cameron Indoor Stadium since ’05-06. Ohio State, like the Cougars, has dropped only a dozen home games during the period.

 Here are some other home court loss totals (from 2006 to the present) for consideration: Michigan State 13, Gonzaga 14, Florida 17, Wisconsin 17, Kansas 17, Butler 17, North Carolina 20, Georgetown 21, Kentucky 23, UConn 24, Louisville 24 and Syracuse 25.

 You get the idea. BYU doesn’t lose at home often.

 Among those dozen defeats, four of them were to Top 10 teams:  No. 2 Gonzaga (2012-13), No. 6 Baylor (2011-12), No. 6 Wake Forest (2008-09) and No. 10 New Mexico (2009-10).

 No matter how you classify last night’s results – good or great or significant and memorable – that victory will look better and better as the season unfolds. That BYU team won’t lose many games, especially in the Marriott Center.