Burnham gets his second shutout of KU. You won’t believe the first one.


Paul Rhoads gave a game ball to Wally Burnham after his defense shutout Kansas.

 “Shutouts don’t exist anymore,” Rhoads said. “You shut out anybody and you’ve played phenomenal defense. Our guys did tonight and Wally’s the guy that leads the charge.”

 Rhoads is right in that shutouts aren’t commonplace in today’s game. There have been 36 of them in Division 1A this fall and 15 of those came in games against FCS-level competition.

 Only a dozen of them came in conference play: ISU over Kansas, Florida State vs. Maryland, Syracuse vs. Wake Forest, Georgia Tech vs. Syracuse, Michigan State vs. Purdue, Ohio State vs. Purdue, Bowling Green vs. Ohio, Buffalo vs. Western Michigan, Central Michigan vs. UMass , Utah State vs. Colorado State and Alabama vs. both Mississippi and Arkansas.

 In Wally’s world, however, shutouts have been more common. He has been a part of 17 of them. Burnham was inside linebackers coach on the 1993 Florida State team that won the national championship. That team registered four shutouts.

 This is where it gets interesting.

 One of those whitewashings was in the ’93 season opener against Kansas (42-0) on Aug. 28 in the Kickoff Classic. The game included one of the most amazing goal line stands in college football history.

 The Seminole defense stopped KU on 11 consecutive plays inside the 10-yard line. There were three offsides calls and a pass interference flag in the end zone.

 If you have 9:44 to spare, click here and watch a video of the amazing goal line stand as described by Keith Jackson and Bob Griese.

 Saturday’s shutout, I’m guessing, meant more to Burnham than the one over the Jayhawks 20 years ago. It was totally unexpected.

 And, Burnham will have a ball to place on the mantel as a keepsake.