Better ball handling makes Cyclone offense more efficient


Bill Fennelly’s basketball team defeated UNI Wednesday night and scored 88 points in the process.

 That was the Cyclones’ fifth game scoring more than 80 points. Iowa State is averaging 83.3 points per game. A year ago, ISU was scoring 67 ppg after seven outings.

 Why the improvement?

 “Our spacing has been good,” Fennelly said. “I’ve watched Fred Hoiberg coach and the spacing he teaches his guys is something we’re trying to put into our system.”

 Fennelly also has more ball handlers.

 “We have 2 more people who can dribble (this year),” Fennelly said after the game. “Last year, we had 1.”

 The good dribbler he had a year ago – Nikki Moody – is once again leading the Cyclone attack, but this year she has some help from freshmen guards Seanna Johnson and Jada Buckley.

 “And, Kidd (Blaskowsky) has gotten better,” Fennelly said of his sophomore. “In the college game with the 30-second clock, if you don’t have people that can dribble the ball and get you out of trouble (you’ll be in trouble).”

 Fennelly believes getting out of bad plays is a key to this year’s early season success.

 “This year, we’re getting out of bad plays a lot better,” he said. “(It’s) because we’ve got a few more options. We have people who can beat people off the dribble and when that happens, you’re a little harder to guard.”