ISU has made 22 more shots on 20 fewer attempts in the second half of games


In 10 consecutive games, the Iowa State men’s basketball team has scored more points in the second half than the first. The only exception was the season opener vs. UNC-Wilmington.

 In 9 of 11 contests, the Cyclones have made a higher percentage of their shots in the second half (exceptions: Kansas City and UNC-Wilmington), too.

 ISU has had some first-half offensive struggles this year. Each time, they’ve rallied to win and (nearly) each time Coach Fred Hoiberg said that moving the basketball better was the remedy.

 The comparative statistics between first and second halves of games is noteworthy.

 ISU has made 22 more shots in the second half (plus OT vs. UNI) on 20 fewer attempts.

 It is connecting on 43.9% of its shots in the opening half and 53.2% in the final stanza.

 The Cyclones have failed to shoot 50% in the final 20 minutes only twice (.483 vs. Michigan and .486 vs. UNI) all season.

 Iowa State is in the Top 5 nationally is assists per game. In essence, that’s ball movement. Ball movement means better shots. Taking better shots (normally) means a higher percentage made.

 Not surprisingly, Iowa State has 92 first-half assists and 111 second-half assists

 If the Cyclones continue to display their second-half scoring success (46.3 points) and ball movement, they’ll remain a tough out all season long.

 And, if they get improved ball movement in the opening half, look out.