Putting the undefeated ISU hoops record (women and men) into perspective


The Cyclones are the only school in Division 1 that closed their December men’s and women’s basketball schedules without a loss.

 If you read this blog frequently, you know that research is a personal passion of mine. But, the thought of trying to look through non-conference basketball records for more than 600 programs (men’s and women’s) for any number of seasons was overwhelming.

 So, shortcuts were taken and here’s what was uncovered.

 Iowa State, Duke (3 times) and Baylor are the only schools in the last decade to begin the New Year with undefeated women’s and men’s basketball programs.

 The breakdown goes like this:

2013-14: Iowa State (men 12-0, women 12-0)

2012-13: Duke (men were 15-0 before losing, women were 16-0 before losing)

2011-12: Baylor (men 17-0, women finished 40-0)

2010-11: Duke (men 15-0, women 20-0)

2005-06: Duke (men 17-0, women 20-0)

 Accurate research is something I strive for. Oversights happen, but I think this research is spot on. If you know of another school that had undefeated seasons in both men’s and women’s hoops in the last decade, let me know.

 Nearly 100 teams (55 men, 42 women) in the last 10 years have been undefeated when the calendar turned. But, it’s select company that has enjoyed the twin success of the ISU men’s and women’s teams in 2013.