Mangino is on campus so it’s time to sharpen your saws


New Iowa State offensive coordinator Mark Mangino’s Twitter handle is “@KeepSawinWood”.

 It’s a unique username. Most coaches use their own name to identify their accounts. Mangino advertises his belief system.

 The origin of “KeepSawinWood” dates back nearly 25 years when Mangino served on Bill Snyder’s coaching staff at Kansas State.

 There was a game in the mid-90s when K-State was struggling on offense. Snyder shared an important message to his coaches over the headset: “That’s ok. Let’s keep sawing wood. It’ll happen.”

 I have no idea if those words led to a victory that day. But, the concept of working hard never left Mangino and the “Keep Sawing Wood” phrase has followed him.

 Mangino’s 2007 Kansas team was his best as head coach. It won 12 games, including the Orange Bowl.

 That team’s season-long catch-phrase was, of course, “Keep Sawing Wood”.

 It’s exciting to look at Mangino’s track record and admire the fancy formations, fourth-down gambles and backyard football-like play calls.

 Beneath that exterior, however, is what really makes it all successful. Hard work, commitment and determination. It is Mangino’s way.

 Tuesday, “@KeepSawinWood” tweeted: “I have accepted the offensive coordinator position at Iowa State University! #gocyclones”.

 Welcome, coach. We’ll get our saws sharpened.