Mangino Q&A reveals that a remodeling job is what the Cyclone offense needs


Q: What do Josh Temple, Nicole Curtis and Mark Mangino share in common?

 A: They’re remodelers.

 Temple (“House Crashers”) and Curtis (“Rehab Addict”) are television stars on the DIY (do-it-yourself) Network. They go into homes to remodel or renovate them.

 Mangino was called in by Iowa State football coach Paul Rhoads to spruce up the Cyclones’ offense.

 “A fresh start (for the offense) is a good way to say it,” Rhoads said about Mangino’s task. “We’ve recruited personnel to an offensive system designed to get the ball to a lot of people.”

 Rhoads – who doesn’t feel a complete overhaul is needed – talked excitedly about his team’s quarterback competition, the depth in the backfield, an offensive line that will be healthier and more experienced and pass catchers that match up to anybody in the Big 12.

 “With a new coordinator (Mangino) and new plan, it’s a fresh start, but we’re not starting from scratch,” Rhoads said.

 Mangino is on the same page as Rhoads.

 “This is more of a remodeling job, maybe, than rebuilding,” Mangino said. “There’s some talent (here). The cupboard isn’t bare.”

 Mangino might need to knock down a wall or two. That will be determined after he can assess things more thoroughly.

 It’s pretty obvious, though, that Mangino and Rhoads are confident that a renovation will be sufficient to create a productive offense in Ames.


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