Movie time in players-only meeting


The Cyclone men’s basketball squad had a players-only meeting Sunday.

 There always seems to be a curiosity from observers about those sessions. However, they are really fairly typical.

 “Every team is going to have players-only meetings throughout the course of a season,” Coach Fred Hoiberg said Monday.

 I’ve never been in one. Maybe, you haven’t either. But, there’s always an interest in them. Pundits will attempt to project how they will influence on-court performance.

 What was interesting about this meeting was that Hoiberg shared the team watched game video.

 “They did a players-only session in the film room,” Hoiberg said. “That was a big positive that the guys took the initiative to do that. (They) talked to one another and saw some of the things they did or didn’t do (in the losses).”

Admittedly, I don’t have much insight into players-only meetings, but the fact Sunday’s was geared to film study caught my attention. That is interesting. That is telling. That says something about the make-up of this club.

 “These guys care, they have a lot of heart and care for each other,” Hoiberg said. “When your players are like that, you’ve got a leg up (on others). Not everyone has them.”