Cyclone rotation might stretch a bit longer (and get bigger)


Seven Cyclone men’s basketball players are averaging at least 20 minutes per game this season. Somewhat surprisingly, that’s the most of any Fred Hoiberg-coached team.

 Just two guys – DeAndre Kane (32.0 minutes) and Melvin Ejim (31.5) – are playing more than 30 minutes per game. That’s the fewest number during the Hoiberg era.

 Hoiberg suggested Monday that he might look to get additional players in the rotation. Specifically, he said that Percy Gibson and Daniel Edozie are primed for playing time.

 “Now that we’re playing more games in a shorter period of time, I’m going to have to get minutes out of those guys,” Hoiberg said.

 Beyond the “more-games-in-a-shorter-period-of-time” theory, Hoiberg is also a match-up guy.

 The Cyclones watched the Texas twosome of Cameron Ridley (6-9, 285) and Jonathan Holmes (6-8, 240) combine for 39 points on 69.6% FG shooting last Saturday. That Longhorn duo had averaged 23 points on 51% shooting prior to the game with ISU.

 With Kansas State’s 265-pound Thomas Gipson next on the agenda, a bit more size on the floor could be beneficial. Keep an eye on Gibson and/or Edozie. They may get an early call Saturday.


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