A simple game when you make some shots


The strategic scheming and tweaking of game plans is a mysterious process to many observers of college basketball. As fans, we feel like there must be some magic formula that nets positive results.

 Last week, Iowa State women’s basketball coach Bill Fennelly had a different take.

 “This game is eerily simple at times,” Fennelly said after Tuesday’s game at West Virginia. “You’ve got to make shots.”

 His club on Saturday night vs. Kansas State did just that.

 “We made some shots, which was nice,” Fennelly said. “It was the greatest thing to score 84. (For us), that’s an explosion.”

 One of the adjustments Fennelly and his staff did make prior to the K-State game was inserting Kidd Blaskowsky into the starting lineup.

 “Kidd hit some 3’s early,” Fennelly noted. “She brings a kind of energy.”

 The other catalyst for offensive success was point guard Nikki Moody, who got some extra tutoring from assistant coach Jodi Steyer last week. Moody had 20 points (on only 6 shots) along with 8 rebounds and 7 assists.

 “It’s nice to know that when your point guard has the ball and the kids around her have the look of ‘we know we’re ok’” Fennelly said. “That makes our team much better”.

 So does making some shots. It really is a simple game sometimes.


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