Extra preparation time again, but this time it’ll be on defense

Following Iowa State’s triple overtime victory at Oklahoma State on a Monday, Coach Fred Hoiberg noted the benefit of 4 days without a game in advance of playing TCU.

 Thus, the Cyclones had time to work on some new offensive actions for the Horned Frogs zone-heavy defense.

 Hoiberg will again have extra preparation time this week before hosting Texas Tech Saturday.

 This time, however, Hoiberg may be talking defense after surrendering 102 points to the Mountaineers.

 “We were bad from the tip,” Hoiberg said, “and didn’t come out with any urgency.”

 Hoiberg said that WVU got in an offensive rhythm early.

 “In the first half, they hit 7 threes and got 8 layups,” he noted. “We didn’t take anything away from them. You have to take something away (defensively) and we were giving them both.”

 After a day off (today), the Cyclones will be back on the court Wednesday tightening things up.

 The last time Hoiberg had some extra practice time, his new offensive sets worked wonders against the TCU zone.

 Let’s see what he has in store for the Red Raiders, but it’s a near certainty Hoiberg will be hunting for a much more spirited effort on the defensive end.


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