Hoiberg: master program builder


The next time you see a pre-season analysis touting the strength of a team because of its returning experience, take a pause.

It doesn’t always translate. Take the 2013-14 Big 12 Men’s Basketball race for instance.

Which Big 12 men’s basketball programs lost (via graduation, transfer, exhausted eligibility, etc.) the most from their 2012-13 roster? Based upon…

  • Percentage of scoring:  KU (79%), OU (68%), ISU (63%) and UT (60%);
  • The number of 300-point scorers: ISU and KU (4 each), OU (3), UT and TT (2 each);
  • The number of double-figure scorers: ISU, KU, OU and UT (3 each);
  • Cumulative career starts: KU (181), ISU (114), OU (104), TCU (93), KSU (91) and UT (84).

What’s interesting is that the current Big 12 standings have Kansas, Iowa State and Texas (tied) and Oklahoma and Kansas State (tied) leading the pack. The four schools who lost the most (per the majority of the categories above) are leading the way in college basketball’s best conference.

In his nearly 4 years leading the Cyclones Coach Fred Hoiberg has done a masterful job annually in identifying talent, collecting it, meshing it and prospering with it.

His first team lost 72% of its scoring (from Greg McDermott’s last club) and Hoiberg directed a .500 team. His subsequent teams lost 62%, 53% and 63% of its scoring from the prior year and, yet Hoiberg registered 23, 23 and 21 (so far) wins the following year.

It’s not what you lost that determines team success it’s what you currently have. Like in prior seasons at ISU, what Hoiberg currently has is quite impressive and its showing in the standings.



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