Another “Senior Night” at Hilton Coliseum that left you smiling, but for a different reason than winning


After Iowa State’s regular-season finale against Baylor Tuesday in Hilton, three seniors – Ashley Hagedorn, Elly Arganbright and Hallie Christofferson – spent 21:22 telling the crowd at Hilton Coliseum what it means to do things the “Iowa State Way.”

Coach Bill Fennelly talks frequently about doing things the “Iowa State Way”.

The poise shown and class and pride expressed by senior, once again affirmed the positive influences of the “Iowa State Way”.

“At ISU, basketball is a way of life and it’s about doing things the right way,” Hagedorn said. “I took the road less travelled (transferring to ISU) and it’s been a privilege and an honor to wear the Iowa State uniform.”

“I’m beyond blessed to be standing here wearing this uniform,” Arganbright said. “One of the important lessons I’ve come to understand is how to be a part of something bigger than myself.”

“Iowa State has been special to me through the people I’ve met and the relationships I’ve gained,” Christofferson said. “Coming from a small community, I thought I was equipped to do anything. It turns out this was the best journey I’ve ever experienced.”

Many young women have matured as people, students and players doing things the “Iowa State Way”. There will be more to come and they, too, will emerge as better people.

Whether you were there in person on watching it on, it was another “Senior Night” in Hilton Coliseum that left you smiling.



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