Any idea why Nov. 9, 1995, was a big day for Hoiberg?


When Fred Hoiberg walks onto the floor at Madison Square Garden Friday night, it will be his 10th appearance on the sidelines of the world’s most famous basketball arena.

Hoiberg played 9 professional games against the Knicks in MSG and logged 155 minutes. His best performance in the facility was a 13-point outing in 1997.

But, his real personal history was made on Nov. 9, 1995.

The Pacers were visiting Madison Square Garden to play the Knicks. According to, It was Hoiberg’s second game as a 23-year-old NBA professional and his first outing on the road.

He played 6 minutes in front of 19,763 fans.

Most memorable is that the 6-4 guard made his first-ever professional basket. Hoiberg added 3 free throws in a 103-95 loss to a Knicks’ team that included Patrick Ewing, John Starks, Anthony Mason and Charles Oakley.

Hopefully, Hoiberg can add some new MSG memories this week in the NCAA Tournament’s East Regional. And, if he does, I suspect they will be even more precious than his first NBA bucket.


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