A decade of change from a Cyclone Athletics competitive perspective


Ten years ago, Facebook was launched as a social network site open only to students at Harvard. Today, it has more than 1,230,000,000 active members in countries spanning the globe.

 Ten years ago, the average price for a gallon of regular unleaded fuel was $1.90 (per AAA). Today, that cost has increased to $3.66.

Ten years ago, Lance Armstrong won his sixth Tour de France race. Today, his accomplishments are viewed with skepticism.

Ten years ago, Iowa State finished last in the Big 12 All-sports standings. This year, the Cyclones climbed to an all-time record fifth place.

ISU sponsored 18 sports in 2003-04 and it still does today. Fifteen of those programs had the same or a better league finish this season than they did a decade ago.

Here is a comparison of ISU’s conference standing then (10 years ago) and now (this year):

  • Men’s Basketball – 8th then, 3rd now
  • Women’s Basketball – 7th then, 5th now
  • Men’s Cross Country – 11th then, 2nd now
  • Women’s Cross Country – 11th then, 1st now
  • Football – 12th then, 7th now
  • Men’s Golf – 8th then, 4th now
  • Women’s Golf – 11th then, 4th now
  • Gymnastics – 2nd then, 2nd now
  • Men’s Indoor Track & Field – 10th then, 6th now
  • Women’s Indoor Track & Field – 10th then, 4th now
  • Men’s Outdoor Track & Field – 7th then, 9th now
  • Women’s Outdoor Track & Field – 11th then, 6th now
  • Soccer – 9th then, 4th now
  • Softball – 9th then, 7th now
  • Swimming & Diving – 5th then, 3rd now
  • Tennis – 12th then, 9th now
  • Volleyball – 8th then, 3rd now
  • Wrestling – 3rd then, 3rd now

Change can be good.

In the case of ISU Athletics, the last decade has been one of continued improvement.


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