One True Champion


One True Champion.

The Big 12’s new slogan rolls off the tongue easily.

Say it slower by adding a pause between words and the Big 12’s new slogan starts to define itself as each word takes on its proper significance.

 One… True… Champion…

Italicize the middle word and the Big 12’s new slogan distinguishes the league from all of the other major conferences because of how it determines champions.

One True Champion.

Read that phrase aloud with a heavy emphasis on true.

One True Champion.

The Big 12’s tagline is built around the concept that …

  • playing everybody is a good thing;
  • trophies are awarded for who you beat, not who you don’t play;
  • champions are determined in competition, not through computer logarithms that randomly select opponents;

Round-robin schedules assure that the winners of regular-season titles in the Big 12 are true champions based on real results.

Power rankings and strength of schedule don’t matter as much in the Big 12. When everybody plays everybody, it’s about wins and losses (and, if necessary, head-to-head match-ups as a tie breaker).

In the ACC, SEC and Big Ten this fall, schools will not face five of their league peers on the gridiron. In the Pac-12, each of the dozen members will miss two of their conference partners on the football field in ‘14. The result is skewed schedule strength and debate.

All of the Big 12 schools play the other nine league members. No exceptions.

One True Champion.

There’s a beauty in that simplicity.