50:50 run/pass? Mangino’s track record says yes.

Mangino, Mark2_SpringGame14

Mark Mangino will be calling the offensive plays at Iowa State this fall. There is a lot of interest and intrigue as to what the script of plays might look like.

Will the Cyclones be pass heavy? Will ISU feature the run?

In Coach Paul Rhoads’ tenure, the Cyclones have run the ball nearly 54% of the time.

What will the mix be for the 2014 Cyclones?

At media day, Mangino said his team can’t “be throwing the ball all of the time.”

Like most coaches, he said he’s seeking balance.

“It’s really a 50:50 ratio,” Mangino said. “That’s our challenge here.”

Is that coach-speak or is that the true goal?

Perhaps, the best indicator of the future is the past. As the head coach at Kansas for eight years, the Jayhawks ran the ball 3,541 times. KU passed the ball 3,504 times.

The run-pass ratio was 50.2% (runs) to 49.8% (throws). In other words, 50:50 give or take a fraction of a percentage point.

Five times the Jayhawks ran the ball more in a season and three times (including the final two years), they threw it more.

So much is dependent upon the skills of the players, the opponents’ defenses and other variables.

If Mangino’s personal history is any indicator, the ISU offense will be fairly balanced. If Mangino’s personal history is a good predictor of the future, it will be a productive attack, too.


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