Burnham’s “spirited” group playing aggressively

Burnham, Wally_Rutgers2011-1
Most of the words being written and said about Iowa State’s 2014 defensive football team are terms like young and inexperienced.

Each is true. But Coach Paul Rhoads is thinking something different.

“People are going to get sick of me saying it, but spirited is what they are,” Rhoads said. “They’re young, but they work. They’re young, but they fly around the field. They’re young, but they’re anxious to learn what it is that will make them better.”

Teaching and coaching is what will make them more successful.

“There’s no one better than the veteran Wally Burnham to get things taught,” Rhoads said of his defensive coordinator.

Burnham hinted that an attitude has emerged with this group.

“These kids read what’s been said about the defense,” Burnham said. “And, they’ve taken it as a challenge.”

The result has been a more aggressive approach.

“We’ve been an aggressive, hard-charging defense,” Burnham said. “It might be the most aggressive defense we’ve had (at Iowa State).”

Maybe by year’s end the descriptors of the defense will change from young and inexperienced to aggressive and successful.
Burnham is the kind of guy to help usher that type of transformation.


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