Big 12 positioned well for football playoffs despite what some say

big 12 logo

To stir up debate, some college football analysts have suggested the lack of a Big 12 Championship game will hurt the league’s prospects for an invite to the College Football Playoff.

In the 16-year history of the Bowl Championship Series, nearly half (15) of the 32 schools that played in the national championship game did not win/have a league title game.

Only seven of the championship game participants – six from the SEC – defeated an opponent ranked in the nation’s Top Ten in their conference title game to get a significant victory right before national title teams were picked.

Of the seven Big 12 schools that participated in a BCS title game, only one defeated a Top Ten opponent in the conference championship game.

• 2000: Oklahoma defeated #8 Kansas State
• 2001: Nebraska did not play in a league title game
• 2003: Oklahoma lost to #15 Kansas State
• 2004: Oklahoma defeated unranked Colorado
• 2005: Texas defeated unranked Colorado
• 2008: Oklahoma defeated #19 Missouri
• 2009: Texas defeated #21 Nebraska

It’s sort of hard to make the argument that a conference championship game is the springboard to the national title game. History doesn’t support that theory.

Twice in the last three years, one of the schools in the national title game made it there without a league championship game. I also wonder how much…

• Tennessee’s win over 23rd-rated Mississippi State in the 1998 SEC Championship Game strengthened its resume for the first BCS championship game.
• Florida State’s win over 20th-ranked Duke in the 2013 ACC Championship Game pushed them into last year’s title match-up.

The point is that league championship games aren’t the end all, be all for playoff consideration.

The BCS (between its voters/polls and computers) chose who they considered to be the top two teams for the title game. Most years, in most people’s opinions, they got it right. The new College Football Playoff Committee will do the same.

The 13-person committee charged with picking the participants for the College Football Playoff should be looking at total resumes. There shouldn’t be concern that the Big 12 won’t receive the proper consideration.


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