Receiving corps includes familiar names, the potentially special and some to keep an eye on

Daley, Dondre-KSU 13

There is some excitement about the 2014 Iowa State passing game.

Part of the fever is due to the addition of Mark Mangino as offensive coordinator. He has directed a number of productive passing attacks in his career.

Part of the enthusiasm is tied to the returning depth. Six returning players are back after double-figure catches a year ago. E.J. Bibbs and Quenton Bundrage headline the group.

Part of the excitement is because touted recruits Allen Lazard and D’Vario Montgomery join the position group. Each earned four stars from recruiting services as preps.

Head Coach Paul Rhoads, too, has expressed excitement about the receivers.

“We have some depth, we have some speed, we have some talent,” Rhoads said.

Bundrage had nine TDs last year. Bibbs has been called the best TE in the league by ISU coaches. Lazard and Montgomery ooze potential and have great size. Jarvis West is shifty and led the Big 12 in punt returns before getting hurt last year. Aaron Wimberly had 18 catches from the backfield, and Tad Ecby registered 22 catches in ‘13.

Monday, though, Rhoads talked about a receiver who seldom gets talked about.

“Dondre Daley has good body control,” Rhoads began. “Dondre Daley can run. He’s got good length, catches the ball and goes at it aggressively. He’s been extremely coachable through camp and has really risen from a production standpoint.”

Bundrage, Bibbs, West, Wimberly and even Ecby are the familiar names based upon prior production. Lazard and Montgomery have stirred fans’ imaginations. But, don’t sleep on Daley.

“A good problem to have is finding where to put all of those guys,” Rhoads said smiling.

I don’t think the head coach is too worried. He’s thrilled to have so many options.


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