Who said that? Really, Rhoads and CJL both did.

Johnson-Lynch, Christy_USD13-3

“We need to keep things in perspective. It’s easy to feel discouraged. If you keep it in perspective and realize (how many) new people are on the court compared to who we were playing against (and understand) we’re moving on, we’re getting better, we have talent and we’re going to be good.”

That quote was from Paul Rhoads, right?

No, it was Iowa State volleyball coach Christy Johnson-Lynch. The reference to new people on the “court” probably gave it away.

But, Johnson-Lynch’s message was pretty similar to what Rhoads shared this week.

“It’s important where we are in November / December,” Johnson-Lynch said. “Not so much (where we are) at this time of the year.”

Johnson-Lynch saw her team drop matches to Stanford and Florida State – now ranked 2nd and 8th nationally – last week. The gap in play was not so much physical according to the coach but rather about execution.

“I think (the difference) was more volleyball than physical,” Johnson-Lynch explained. “It was more about executing the pass to the set to the attack.”

Johnson-Lynch remains confident as she and her staff work through different lineups and adjustments. Rhoads pushed the same theory that his team will get better with game experience

“From what I’ve seen in practice and through our evaluations, I do think we’re getting better,” Johnson-Lynch said. “I’ve asked the team to not be disheartened even though it didn’t feel very good over the weekend. I know we’re talented and getting better.”

Rhoads could have said the same thing. And, in his own way, he probably did.


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