The “process” moves into adjustment phase

Rhoads, Paul_WesternIllinois_2012-13_2

Alabama Coach Nick Saban talks frequently about the “process.” He is referring to the development of a football team each season.

Iowa State’s “process” this fall is a bit more complex with six new assistant coaches on the staff.

Through the spring and fall, the Cyclone coaching staff was in the installation phase.

“I’ll remind you that everything we had done up until (last) Saturday was against ourselves,” Head Coach Paul Rhoads said. “It’s about installation.”

Bringing into outside competition – in other words, playing games – is another step in the “process.”

“It’s (hard to know) what you are capable of until you start facing other people,” Rhoads said. “Now, we start learning and adjusting to our strengths and try to minimize what are weaknesses are.”

After several weeks of going head-to-head in fall camp, players start to recognize formations and tendencies. Some real issues don’t start to surface until game action begins.

Rhoads admitted that the staff is “still learning about their guys and what they’re capable of.”

That’s expected.

Now, the “process” moves into a phase where the coaches are identifying “things that are necessary to be successful.”

The next chance to implement adjustments is Saturday when Kansas State visits. It’s all part of the “process.”


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