Sam’s improvement mirrors that of the team

Richardson, Sam B14NDSU10

The Iowa State football team opened its season against a defending national champion, then faced a nationally ranked foe and now plays an unbeaten team on the road.

It is against that backdrop that Paul Rhoads’ team is trying to get better.

“We made great improvement from week one to week two in all areas and aspects of the program,” Rhoads said Saturday afternoon.

When pressed for specific improvements on a couple of players, Rhoads said he couldn’t speak candidly until he reviewed game video.

One player that Rhoads heaped praise on without the benefit of his TV remote was QB Sam Richardson.

“I think Sam played very well and I just got done telling him that,” Rhoads said shortly after the Kansas State game. “He’s probably played – overall, top-to-bottom – his best two games as our starting quarterback in the last two games.”

Two years ago, Richardson came off the bench for his first extensive college action with no warning. He completed 36-58 throws for 412 yards and seven TDs in the last two regular-season games (at Kansas and vs. West Virginia).

Statistically, those were Richardson’s top career games to date.

Through two games this fall, Richardson has connected on 41-61 passes for 336 yards. He has also run for 90 yards.

And, Rhoads feels he is playing his best football right now. He’s seeing things better, he’s poised and he’s executing.

Like his team, Richardson is getting better. As long as that trend continues, wins will come, too.


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