Cyclones need to block better

Bigbee & West_Scrimmage13-1

Christy Johnson-Lynch is intent on improving her volleyball team’s blocking skills. It’s fundamental to success.

“We have really good size, so you would expect us to be a good blocking team,” Johnson-Lynch said. “As one coach told me, if you’re not going to block, you may as well get smaller players that can handle the ball. If you’re going to go big, you’d better block.”

Iowa State has chosen to go big. Eight of the 16 players on the roster stand 6-feet or taller. They are committed to being a good blocking team.

After recording three blocks in each of the season’s first three matches, the Cyclones registered 9.0 blocks vs. Tennessee and 10.0 blocks vs. Northern Illinois last weekend.

The Cyclones’ blocking stats is recent years has taken a bit of a dip.

“We changed our system and maybe tried to fix something that wasn’t broken,” Johnson-Lynch.

The team is, once again, using a stationary blocking technique, instead of a swing blocking technique. Johnson-Lynch said the swinging style is more difficult because there are more moving parts.

“(Stationary blocking) is simpler and I’m probably better at coaching it,” Johnson-Lynch explained. “Now, we go stand where we think the ball will go and jump straight up.”

If the results of the last two matches are a good indicator, moving back to stationary blocking is having the desired effect.

“We’ll continue to work on it every day until we become great,” Johnson-Lynch added.


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