Cyclones’ schedule was key in Iowa Corn Cy-Hawk Series victory

Capezio, Ciara_Baylor13-13

The Iowa State volleyball team swept Iowa Saturday afternoon to assume a 7-0 lead in the annual Iowa Corn Cy-Hawk Series, but match scores didn’t indicate the closeness of the competition.

“It’s an interesting match (vs. Iowa) because they always seem to play 10 times better than what you saw on film,” Coach Christy Johnson-Lynch said. “It’s the rivalry. We know how much it means to the series and it’s important for us to contribute.”

The Cyclones’ schedule – having a full week to prepare – was key according to the head coach.

“This match kept me up all night, all week,” Johnson-Lynch said. “There’s a lot going on with their offense. They run a lot of different plays and there is quite a bit to keep track of.”

Earlier this season, the Cyclones hosted national powers Stanford and Florida State in the AVCA Showcase. The match against the Seminoles, in particular, was great preparation for Iowa.

“I would compare them (Iowa) to Florida State,” Johnson-Lynch said in regards to match preparation. “Luckily, we had a week to prepare and that helped a lot.”

The win was the Cyclones’ 10th in a row against Iowa. It wasn’t easy, however, and good scheduling was a major factor.


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