Time is what’s on Paul Rhoads’ mind

On the one hand, football coach Paul Rhoads felt he had too much time on his hands.

“We’ve had two weeks to prepare for Baylor,” Rhoads, whose club is coming off a bye week, said. “I’m not so sure that two days wouldn’t be better. We’d be less scared in that time frame for preparation.”

Baylor is quick-strike again in 2014. That’s the way they play. Rhoads doesn’t want an offensive battle with the nation’s highest-scoring offense.

In 79 games as Baylor’s coach, Art Briles has watched his team score 3,016 points. It took the Bears 155 games to score that many points prior to his arrival in Waco.

On the other hand, Rhoads is looking for even more time (with possession of the ball) vs. Baylor.

With BU’s ability to score, Rhoads is focused on clock management and making first downs when the teams meet Saturday at 7:20 p.m.

“We have to shorten the game,” Rhoads said. “It’s been evident through three games that we’re not operating at a fast tempo. The bigger piece is not when you’re snapping the ball (on the play clock) but keeping it and getting first downs.

In last year’s game in Waco, the Cyclones managed a season-low nine first downs and endured six three-and-out series. That must change.

“(Our goal) is not to have three long plays but instead having 13 long plays and ending up in the end zone,” Rhoads said.

Shutting down Baylor is improbable, so keeping the ball away from the Bears is a prerequisite for team success.


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