Hoiberg looks to match remarkable team chemistry of a year ago


Fred Hoiberg started his media day news conference talking about last year’s Cyclone team. His focus was on that club’s camaraderie.

The thing about that team … was how they came together,” Hoiberg said. “The chemistry that developed for that team was as good as any team I’ve played on and as good as all the teams I’ve coached.”

After those brief comments about last year, Hoiberg quickly shifted gears to the coming season.

He began by sharing early impressions of his new players:  Bryce Dejean-Jones, Jameel McKay, Abdel Nader, Georgios Tsalmpouris and Clayton Custer.

Like he has in his four prior years, Hoiberg is adding a lot of new faces to the roster. Developing roles and instilling a selfless mindset is at the top of his to-do list.

“That’s what I’m looking for with this group,” Hoiberg said in reference to how the ‘13-14 team quickly integrated the new players with the returnees.

This year’s returnees – Georges Niang, Dustin Hogue, Monte Morris, Naz Long, Matt Thomas, Sherron Dorsey-Walker and Daniel Edozie – are talented and seasoned.

The coach likes his roster pieces – both the new and the old – and he’s anxious to start fitting them together.

Based on his track record, Hoiberg does some of his best work this time of the year as he builds that team camaraderie.


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