Watch the play again and note #5

cotton moya

Thousands of people have watched the replay of last Saturday’s goal line play at the end of the first half in Iowa State’s game at Oklahoma State.

What many folks seem to have missed was the sensational hit by Cyclone freshman safety Kamari Cotton-Moya. The 6-1, 194 pounder crashed from the outside to slow the Cowboys’ running back before Big 12 tackle leader Jevohn Miller finished the tackle.

“What a play by Jevohn Miller,” Joey Harrington, the TV analyst yelled in real time.

“As you watch here, Miller slides around (and) gets back in the play for a last-ditch effort to keep him out of the end zone,” Harrington said during replay. “Cotton-Moya with the initial stop.”

Miller has had a great season and leads the Big 12 in tackles. Cotton-Moya is only tied for 42nd in the league in stops. He is, however, No. 1 in league tackles among freshmen.

Cotton-Moya first burst on the scene a couple of weeks back. Kansas State had just scored a fourth-quarter TD and was lining up for a two-point conversion to tie the game.

The Wildcats’ Jake Waters kept the ball and tried to reach the goal line.

“He gets stuffed,” FOX play-by-play man Justin Kutcher hollered. “Kamari Cotton-Moya with a big play. Cotton-Moya meets him head on. How big was that play?”

It was big. And, those big plays are starting to add up for this emerging Cyclone rookie.

It’s time to start watching #5 when the chips are on the table. He has a knack for being around the ball in big situations.


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