Tempo turns tables on Toledo

Richardson, Sam B14UI18

Iowa State beat Toledo Saturday because of its speed.

Not physical speed, but rather quick execution of its offensive game play.

The Cyclones quickened the tempo in the second half and ISU took control of the game with that proactive approach.

“We were getting in places where we were waiting for them to set up on defense,” record-setting QB Sam Richardson said. “I told the coaches we needed to go and not let them set up. (I am) very proud that we put the game in our own hands.”

The Cyclones scored 28 points in the second half after tallying nine in the opening 30 minutes. Inside those numbers are more telling tid-bits.

In one fewer minute of offensive possession, the Cyclones…

  • Ran eight more plays (51-43) in the second half
  • Gained in excess of 100 extra yards (296-195) in the second half
  • Converted on 49% more of its third-down plays (89% to 50%) in the second half

“We were allowing them to control things with their defense,” Head Coach Paul Rhoads said.

Richardson, as everyone noted, broke a school record for completions (37).

His biggest contribution, however, was suggesting the offense use its speed (execution-wise).


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