From publicity machine to storytellers

SID Roundtable (2)

You may not recognize their names.

Tom Starr, Butch Henry, Kirk Hendrix, Dave Starr and Tom Kroeschell.

If you are a Cyclone athletics fan, however, you would recognize the individuals they worked behind the scenes for.

Earle Bruce, Jeff Hornacek, Johnny Orr, Dan McCarney, Jeff Grayer, Troy Davis, Dr. Harold Nichols, Dwayne Crutchfield, Danny Harris, Max Urick and many, many others.

Starr, Henry, Hendrix, Starr and Kroeschell were Directors of Sports Information at Iowa State in the last 30-plus years. That quintet – along with current director Mike Green – have filled the key department role since the retirement of the legendary Harry Burrell, the school’s SID for 41 years.

At ISU, these men’s duties centered on keeping stats, maintaining records, writing releases, staging news conferences and setting up interviews. They led the publicity arm for athletics.

In recent years – with the emergence of shows like ESPN’s 30:30 series – these SIDs are taking on a new role. Today, they are storytellers for documentary features like those on 30:30 or

After all, who better knew the people like Barry Stevens, Dan Gable, Pete Taylor or George Amundson than their PR guys?

The Cyclones’ five SIDs were on campus last week to renew friendships, see the campus again, attend the Toledo game and tell stories. had the cameras running for more than two hours as host John Walters threw out topic after topic to the group. The conversation was pure gold.

It was an honor to have these men back at ISU for a weekend.

The beneficiary of their visit will be you.

In the coming weeks, the stories they told will be coming your way, via Stay tuned. It will be worth your time.


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