Too many key games upcoming to engage in debate today

The College Football Playoff (CFP) Committee has spoken. Unfortunately, it’s just the first of multiple declarations they’ll make this season.

The men’s and women’s basketball tournament committee model – letting members watch games as they see fit all year long – and then gathering for extended talks and announcing the fields after deliberation is preferred. The worth of these mid-season rankings is up for debate.

With that said, here are some items to ponder (for discussion purposes the committee’s Top 25 is the ultimate measuring stick)…

  • 24 Duke has not faced anyone in the committee’s Top 25 and won’t during the regular season. The same is true for 23rd-rated East Carolina.
  • Ohio State (16th) has not played one team in the Top 25 yet. It will face Michigan State.
  • Notre Dame is the highest ranked (10th) school, which has not beaten any anyone else in the committee’s Top 25.
  • Here are conference records for schools in the current Top 25 vs. fellow Top 25 schools: SEC (8-5), Big 12 (5-7), Pac-12 (5-4), ACC (3-3) and Big Ten (1-2).
  • There’s lots of action still ahead as Auburn, Alabama, Kansas State, Arizona, Arizona State and Utah still have three games each vs. Top 25 schools to end the regular season.
  • Here are the number of games remaining in the regular season for current Top 25 members vs. fellow Top 25 teams: SEC (12), Pac-12 (11), Big 12 (10), ACC (3) and Big Ten (2).

Tuesday night’s announcement sparked all sorts of excitement and hand wringing. Each week, the committee will get a little closer to its final decisions.

In the meantime, take it in. Discuss, deliberate, debate. Enjoy.

Then, get our your remotes and take your pick of Florida State vs. Louisville, TCU vs. West Virginia, Auburn vs. Ole Miss, Arizona vs. UCLA or Utah vs. Arizona State. Those are the match-ups between Top 25 schools this week.

If that’s not enough, consider Kansas State vs. TCU, Baylor vs. Oklahoma, Notre Dame vs. Arizona State, Alabama vs. LSU, Ohio State vs. Michigan State and Oregon vs. Utah. That’s on tap the next week.

In reality, the playoffs have already begun. We’re halfway through the playoffs. It’s called the regular season.

The arguing, too, has begun and it didn’t need to be that way.


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